Les Santes, Mataró’s annual city festival

(25–29 July 2018)

les santes

July in Mataró is party time. Fire, music and parades are just some of the protagonists of over one hundred events that bring the people of Mataró out into the streets day and night, year after year. It’s time for Les Santes!

Every year on 25 July at 8pm, La Crida takes place on the balcony of city hall, marking the beginning of five days of festa major events. There are activities for all tastes and audiences: from the lively Nit Boja (“Crazy Night”), with its opening full of music, dancing and giant figures, the Desvetllament Bellugós, and its fiery Escapada a Negra Nit, to Anem a Tancar, the closing ceremony. There is no shortage of traditional, popular celebrations, such as the Ofici de les Santes, the biggest religious part of the festival, Els Focs, the firework display, and even Les Matinades, an early-morning procession with music and firecrackers to announce that the most important day of the festival has arrived.

Since the early 19th century, Les Santes has been celebrated around 27 July in honour of the city’s patron saints: Santa Juliana and Santa Semproniana. Considered one of the best festes majors in Catalonia, it has been named a National Heritage Festival and is included in the Catalogue of Catalan Festival Heritage.


For more informationhttp://static.culturamataro.cat/actes/documents/bc2d787f768817e1c4103a5736dd275a.pdf

Main events of Les Santes 2018

SUNDAY 22-07

12 AM - Plaça de Santa Anna

Castellers (human castles) with Colla Castellera Capgrossos de Mataró, Minyons de Terrassa and Castellers de Vilafranca


11 PM - Passeig del Callao

DJ’s on the beach  

FRIDAY 27-07

11 PM - Passeig Marítim


Afterwards Rosario's concert - Platja del Varador