At Casa Capell, the aim is to improve the city of Mataró and the world we live in by living more sustainably. With this aim in mind, it hosts guided tours, practical workshops and talks and offers resources on loan, information on alternative options and audiovisual aids, as well as advice and information on energy, water, waste and resources, mobility, the atmosphere, the land, biodiversity and responsible consumption.

casa capell

This building is typical of the modern architectural movement, characterised by a desire for usefulness, simple shapes, a direct relationship between the building and its purpose and a rational use of materials.

Designed and built by architect and Mataró local Jordi Capell i Casaramona for residential purposes, the building and the project within it show the options within our reach to head towards sustainable development. 

Casa Capell offers free guided tours, upon appointment, aimed at the general public, businesses, other organisations, and schools and colleges.

Address: Passeig de l’Orfeó Mataroní, 15 - Parc Central 08304 Mataró
Tel.: (+34) 937 582 440
Opening hours: Monday–Friday 10am–2pm and Thursday 5pm–9pm 
Email: Website: