Sant Simó beach

If you prefer a less urban, quieter setting

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If you prefer a less urban, quieter setting, Sant Simó beach is the best option. This kilometre-long beach – part of which is naturist – is the furthest beach from the city centre. Like the others, during the bathing season, its services include lifeguards, showers, cafés and bicycle parking.

Extraordinary summer measures 2021

Sant Simó beach has capacity for 1.004 people. If this capacity is exceeded at any time, access to the beach will be closed and bathers will be advised to go to others with space available. 

A telematic system accounts for the number of people entering the beaches, which can be consulted on the website and the app “Aforo Playas” for Android and IOS. 

Cleaning of sand is done daily and public toilets are open from 9 to 21 h. As regards the adapted bathing for people with mobility problems, from July 1 to September 12 from 11 to 18 hours, the Red Cross will provide a assisted bathing service on the Varador beach, arranging its use by telephone (937 410 225).
In order to ensure safety, the City Council calls on the population to make proper use of the beaches. In this respect, we must bear in mind that:

- It's recommended to keep the social distance to the beaches between people who don't live together.
- We need to be vigilant about the announcements that are issued by megaphone.
- We must respect the indications of the authorities, the sourists and the staff who carry out the information and control tasks.
- Avoid spooling, use sane and measured services.


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