Can Boada

Can Boada Park is an unusual and little-known spot with all the charm of a Mediterranean wood. The site, located near Plaça Granollers, forms a natural boundary between the Peramàs, Cerdanyola, La Llàntia and Via Europa neighbourhood.

The park is formed by 2,074 hectares of pine, holm oak, fern and cactus that confer the aspect of a forest on the site.

Amid this fantastic natural setting stands Can Boada, erected by the master builder Jeroni Boada in a style mixing Arabic and neo-medieval elements. Facing Via Europa, the building has housed the headquarters of the Mataró and County Guild of Works Constructors and Promoters since 2006. Popular opinion varies: some say the building resembles a cake encrusted with sweets, others that it looks more like a mosque.