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More than 2,000 shops to explore and browse: clothing, shoes, accessories... A modern, high-quality choice of shops, where you can buy everything you need. 

Take in the unique experience of wandering through the city’s old town: an outdoor shopping centre that combines restaurants for all palates, traditional markets and pleasant, pretty surroundings, where you can discover the city’s Modernist, Baroque and Roman heritage.

Meanwhile, at Mataró Parc you will find a70,000m2 shopping centre with over 80 shops, specialising in fashion, accessories, homeware, sports, computing and other items, as well as a huge supermarket, a 12-screen cinema and around twenty eating and leisure establishments.

Official Retail Opening Days

2023: January 8, June 25, November 26, December 3, 6, 8, 10, 17, 24 and 31.

Charming shops

Emblematic Establishments of Mataró    

The Mataró Emblematic Establishments project began in 2019 with an inventory of the city’s icons. From this inventory, 23 establishments have been selected to be part of the www.rutadelsemblematics.cat, of the Fons d’Imatges de Comerç de Catalunya [Collection of Trade Images of Catalonia]. 

The rutadelsemblematics.cat is the on-line guide to the emblematic establishments of Catalonia, a portal offering the commercial and tourist icons created over the centuries and which today constitute a valuable heritage and a prime cultural and tourist asset that must be preserved and promoted. 

The establishments are geo-located on the website; some are open to the public and others are no longer active, but the site allows you to pay them a virtual visit and see what they were like when they were open. There are also interviews, descriptions and photographs taken by Esteve Vilarrúbies, head of the Fons d’Imatges de Comerç de Catalunya, and illustrations made in India ink on paper by the Barcelona artist Joan Bueno. 

The 23 selected establishments are: Ca L'Artigas (now Le Boel), Bar Casal Aliança, Bar Europa, Barberia Fornaguera-Buitrago (barber’s), Barberia Vicente (barber’s), Cafès Manigua - Cereria Masjuan (coffee and candles), Can Silveri, Casino Mataroní, Celler Castellví (wines), L'Escocesa (now La Font del Faune), Farmàcia La Creu Blanca (chamist’s), Farmàcia Plana Borràs (chemist’s), Farmàcia Spà (chemist’s), Ferreteria Colomer (ironmonger’s), Herboristeria La Argentina (herbs), Impremta Laietana (printer’s), La Confianza, Forn La Espiga de Oro (a baker’s, now Dàlmata), Confiteria La Vienesa (a cake and sweet shop, now Forum Set), Leandro Bonet (now La Gofreria), Les Olivetes (now Tapavins), Queviures Can Bosch (grocery) and Serralleria March (saw mill).

Images from the Fons d’Imatges de Comerç de Catalunya.