Mataró, city of markets

Mataró is a city of markets. In the centre, from Tuesday to Saturday, don’t miss the Plaça de Cuba Market and the Plaça Gran Market (El Rengle), a unique market in a small Modernist building, where all the stalls face outwards onto the street.

Saturday is market day in Mataró. All over the city, six street markets take place. As well as Plaça de Cuba and Plaça Gran, there are the Pla d’en Boet, L’Escorxador, Cirera-Molins and Cerdanyola markets. On Thursday on Plaça de Cuba, there is another market selling clothing, accessories and homeware.

Market schedules:

Plaça de Cuba: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  8 AM - 2 PM, & 5 PM-8 PM/  Friday 8 AM-8.30 PM / Saturday 7 AM-2.30 PM
Plaça Gran: Tuesday to Friday 8 AM-1.30 PM and 5.30 PM-8 PM / Saturday 8 AM-1.30 PM

Weekly market schedules

Pla d'en Boet: Saturday 9 AM -2 PM / Plaça de Cuba: Thursday 9 AM -2 PM h and Saturday 7-2 PM / Cirera Molins, L'Escorxador i Cerdanyola:  Saturday 7 AM -2 PM

COLLITS A CASA: local products

The label Collits a casa identifies farmers from the Maresme region who sell their products at the markets of Mataró. This label currently covers around 36 local producers.

Its aim is to advertise products from Maresme and, in particular, to promote the markets of Mataró (Cerdanyola, Cirera-Molins, L’Escorxador, Plaça Gran and Plaça de Cuba) as the place to go for quality, fresh, local products.

 To find out how these products are made first hand, try one of the guided agricultural tours or cooking demonstrations available, where professional chefs prepare a recipe live in front of you.