Torre Llauder archaeological site

Discover a Roman villa from ancient Iluro

Clos torre llauder

The Torre Llauder archaeological site is home to the remains of the state rooms of a Roman villa, built around the time of Augustus (late first century CE), located in the city of Iluro (Roman Mataró). Today, various parts of the mosaic-paved villa can be visited: the atrium, the main room, part of the inner courtyard and the remains of the peristyle columns, the hypocaust heating room, the baths, the latrines and the sewers, along with new finds from the latest archaeological excavations.

Discovered in 1961 by Marià Ribas i Bertran and his team, the Torre Llauder archaeological site was declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument in 1964, and later a National Heritage Site.

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