Jardins de l’Escorxador

The Escorxador gardens occupy part of the site of the former slaughterhouse (“escorxador” in Catalan). Three central naves and various outbuildings arranged around them once housed different facilities: slaughter rooms, tripery, sheds for animals, reception area, water tank and so on. An iron fence surrounds the site.

From this original ensemble, the three central naves have been conserved and converted into what is now the Antoni Comas Library.

In the exterior, this structure is reflected in the building fronts, which feature pillars and bare brick arches, embellished by windows of coloured glass. The gable roof has colourful glazed tiles with an elevated central section. Glazed ceramic is also used to embellish the windows and the railing that once protected the interior walls.

An urban health park has been installed in the gardens with eleven pieces of apparatus to enable senior citizens to exercise different parts of the body, and the facilities here also include a children’s playground.