Turó de Cerdanyola

This hill, 181 metres high, divides the municipalities of Mataró and Argentona and lies between the Cerdanyola and La Llàntia districts, the Maresme motorway and the Argentona River. 

The first references to the name Cerdanyola appear in a document from 1025 which mentions "Cerdaniola" with regard to the delimitation of the domains of the castles of Burriac and Mata. At that time, Cerdanyola Hill was, like those of Montcabrer and Bera, among the points where scaffolds were installed to hang criminals. This was a way of warning the local population of the area of the punishment they would receive if they engaged in criminal activity. 

The hill is crowned by a cross that was donated in May 1955by the staff of the newspaper Mataró on the occasion of the Santa Creu (“Holy Cross”) festival. Over the years, the cross has become one of the identifying elements in the neighbourhood, so much so that the site was renamed as the "Muntanya de la Creu" (“Mountain of the Cross”).