Ponent beach

Is ideal for all kinds of water sports

serveis platja de ponent

Located next to the port, this beach has a less urban backdrop. With 180 metres of coarse sand, the Ponent beach is ideal for all kinds of water sports or a relaxing day on the beach, thanks to its full range of services. On top of that, it is just 50 metres from the train station.

Beach service for dogs

This year, Platja de Ponent is starting a beach service for dogs: an area of about 1,000 m² with perimeter and separated in the water by beacons, which will operate from 1 June to 30 September without restrictions.

This space for owners and their dogs will only be accessible to animals registered, vaccinated and identified with a chip, accompanied by a person over the age of 14. There will be pegging systems to tie up the animals, showers and bins, as well as periodic quality checks of both the water and the sand.

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