I enjoy Christmas in Mataró

In Mataró you can experience Christmas from all sides: you can enjoy all kinds of cultural activities for the whole family, you will find the best shops to buy the gifts you want and you can buy the ingredients for Christmas meals.

From November 27 to December 23 at the Nativity Scene and Christmas Ornaments Fair you will find decorations to fill the house with tradition, but there will also be concerts, magic shows, workshops, among others. At the Magical Fair, the little ones in the house can enjoy attractions and various activities and shows.

In the 9 markets of the city you will find the best products. At the markets you can also celebrate Christmas with activities for the whole family such as the big bowl in the Plaza Gran or the Christmas cookie decorating workshop and the Cagada del tió at the Plaza de Cuba Market.

Christmas in Mataró offers many and varied Christmas activities. Thousands of people receive their Majesties the Kings of the Orient every year, who arrive ready to fill us with excitement for the whole year. But you can also enjoy concerts and shows such as Els Pastorets de Mataró, one of the most outstanding in Catalonia.

Connect with Christmas in Mataró because you can find more than 200 restaurants where you can share a table and in their shops you will find the perfect gift.